Grandparent Gift Guide

Grandparent Gift Guide

While you might only think about Scholar's Choice for your child's toys and games, we have gifts for everyone- children, adults, and seniors! Check out our top 3 ideas for seniors below!

Adult Colouring

Once reserved only for children, colouring books have recently gone mainstream and broken into the adult book market- and with good reason!

Fans of the trend praise colouring as being a cathartic exercise and a great way to relieve stress. Colouring relaxes the amygdala, the part of the brain that produces fear, and allows your mind to rest. The repetition and predictable outcome- much like when a person knits- is soothing, almost like meditation.

While it is relaxing and stimulates creativity, colouring also requires a bit of focus to stay inside the lines. This can help to stimulate the frontal lobe, where organizational skills and problem-solving are located. Colouring also requires the two hemispheres of the brain to communicate with each other.

The only downside to this new trend? Choosing the right colouring book! Here are some of our most popular books and colouring supplies:


Puzzles are great for all ages! For seniors, in particular, working on a jigsaw puzzle strengthens connections between brain cells, create new connections for improved cognitive skills and mental speed. They are especially good for short-term memory and facilitate a whole brain approach, requiring both logic and creativity, working both sides of the brain. Here are our favourite puzzle picks for seniors- one to complete with the grandkids, one for those who have suffered brain trauma, and one for the experienced puzzler.


Games are the gift that keeps on giving! Not only are they great for family time fun, but they are great for memory formation and cognitive skills, therapy treatment, and are great for speeding up responses.

Here are our favourite games that seniors can enjoy with the grandkids or other adults!



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