Tips For Parents At Report Card Time

Tips For Parents At Report Card Time

Students will be receiving their report cards soon, and as a parent it is best to prepare yourself to be ready for whatever may be coming your way. Report cards can sometimes hold a few surprises for parents, so here are a few tips on how to respond:  

1. Keep your composure

Try not to show your child if you are disappointed when they first show their report card to you. If you show anger towards either the marks or the teacher your child may feel defensive and not take responsibility for their role in the marks. 

2. Show your support and encouragement

There will always be good feedback on a report card. Focus on this information first, so your child knows that both you and the teacher see their value. 

3. Pay close attention to the comments

Comments can often be more helpful than number grades when trying to determine what help your child could use at home. Sometimes the teacher will provide suggestions for improvement. This information will help you to come up with plan for what you can do next to support your child at home.

4. Determine where you can help 

The comments in a report card will also help you to understand your child’s social and organizational skills. Comments such as "lack of preparation for class" may indicate that your child needs your assistance to develop this skill. It could be as simple as reminding them to bring their pencil case every day, or setting up a checklist by the door. 

5. Encourage their successes

When your child is doing well in a subject chances are they have a natural interest. These interests are important to remember when choosing extracurricular activities. There are summer camps and clubs that cater to different subject areas. 

6. Provide at-home support 

If your child is struggling in a specific area it is a good idea to create a support system immediately so they don't fall behind or begin to think negatively about a subject. Scholar’s Choice’s Check and Double Check homework books are an excellent resource for the child that is struggling in math or language arts. 

Report cards can sometimes be a stressful time each year, but remember that teachers are trying to help you as a parent see how your child is doing in the classroom. You can now take action to help your child during every step of the way! 

If you have more questions about how you can help your child's report card grades improve, stop by one of our 19 retail locations. One of our education experts will be happy to help you!

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